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Andy Kirkpatrick

05 February 2017

Haul Bags

Haul Bags

Haul Bags image


Haul bags are used to store all the equipment necessary to complete a climb, and are generally used when the weight of this equipment would be too heavy to be carried by the climbers themselves, necessitating hauling. Due to the abrasive nature of hauling heavy equipment over abrasive rock, haul bags are generally constructed out of super tough vinyl or ballistic material, with all components being very burly. Even so, careful packing is still necessary in order to give the bag a useful lifespan. All bags can either be set up in rucksack mode, with shoulder straps and hip belt, or stripped down for hauling, with all straps tucked inside the bag so as to give it a smooth bullet shape. Bags come in three general sizes, small (50+ Litres), suitable for day routes, or as a secondary gear bag. Medium, suitable for routes of about 6 man days (100 litres +/GRADE VI), or longer if each climber has their own bag, or massive (200 Litres/Grade VII) walls, suitable for about 12 man days (say two person team embarking on a route longer then a week), or


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