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Andy Kirkpatrick


14 Oct 15 // Dark Materials

Poem to a son

Who are you My son Half-way-man. Riddle. Who goes there Knock-on-wood I do Fourteen times As into that head hard I try to see, Through soft greasy hair that over once Measuring jug Eyes battened down against the suds Water elbow hot I poured. Robbed from a long emptied bath, in a long emptied house in a life I could not sustain. Who are you My son Poor Boy, your affliction Me Cut cloth, chalk..... READ

12 Oct 2015

Random Notes for the Antarctic traveler

I joked the other day, on seeing a tweet from an all-woman team planning on crossing Antarctica (1700km, 75 days, 6 British Army girls @exicemaiden), that they’d need to make some changes in order..... READ

08 Oct 2015

Game Changer - Offset Superlight Rocks

A nut is a nut is a nut, be it Wild Country Rock, DMM Wallnut or BD Stopper - just a block of alloy threaded onto a wire, sized from A to B.  Of course there are variations on the theme, more..... READ

05 Oct 2015

The Boatman of Kinsale

I visited the tiny Irish village of Kinsale yesterday, a sunny autumnal day,  one which feels as if it could be the last hurrah before the darkening Atlantic folds in over the land and the winter..... READ

02 Oct 2015

Ben Winston

I saw the picture of Ben on Facebook, bent down with two little kids (talking at their height, not his), face a little older than I remembered – but still open, warm –  framed by brown curly..... READ

01 Oct 2015

Tip of the Spear - Sportiva TC Pro

I tend to stay away from doing reviews these days, the reason being when you get free kit or work with manufactures I aways feel people will think I’m biased. But then you use gear that really..... READ

Adventure capitalism
30 Sep 2015

Adventure capitalism

I was talking the other day at big outdoor event, full of speakers talking about their adventures, adventures of all types and sizes, along with film makers, manufacturers, photographers, a whole raft..... READ

29 Sep 2015

” stay alive when it all goes to shit”

I think what you describe is the classic dilemma for anyone who goes into the mountains for a ‘day trip’ - be they alpinists, skiers or crystal hunters - the mountains being a place that can..... READ

25 Sep 2015

After her

“I’m swimming across” she says, with a half giggle (head turned back towards me), emerald eyes reflecting back Tenaya blue, shoulders wood brown from a month of Californian sun, turned back..... READ

24 Sep 2015

Making it up as you go along

Was on the stage last night for the first time in over a year, the old familiar stage of fear and doubt, where everything you are is there to see, one mistake ruining it all - not like a video that..... READ

21 Sep 2015

Trying to be funny

I think the hardest thing you can do as a writer is to try and make someone laugh.  Crying isn’t too hard, and anger is even easier, but to get a chuckle out of someone, or even a little smile..... READ

18 Sep 2015

Nothing at All

Yesterday I was standing in the queue at FinnBees, the coffee shop where I’ve started working, down by the shingle beach in Bray, a small town outside of Dublin where I’ve moved.  People in..... READ

10 Sep 2015


It’s Ewen’s birthday today.  Fourteen already - his birthday easy to remember - the day before 9/11.  Chocolate croissants and orange juice (with bits in) for breakfast - in bed of..... READ

03 Sep 2015

Point of Understanding.

Been a while since I wrote a blogpost on here, mainly due to working on a piece of writing about recent US trip on off for about a month, only things keep getting in the way of finishing it,  and..... READ

20 Jul 2015

Words Find Their Own Way

Slept on the living room floor of my ex wife Mandy’s last night, laid out on settee cushions, smelly big wall sleeping bag as a duvet - getting down with the cats.  The last time I slept on..... READ

16 Jul 2015

“But I tried goddammit”

I’m sitting on the balcony of the hotel Fungo Reale in Valloriate,  a tiny village set within the lush wooded foothills of the Italian alps, sun shining on the vegetable patch below - beyond..... READ

10 Jul 2015


The last week has been a pretty tough one, the first real tough one for a while, the kind of week you hold your breath, dive into it, and hope you can make it to the end without breathing in its..... READ

01 Jul 2015

The Edge of Myself

My last day, my first ‘easy day’, ended long and hard and painful as I scraped and scrambled, tired and tangled, Silent Partner locking and rope running out, onto the rim of El Cap.  I had..... READ

08 Jun 2015

Trophy to Dust

Some of you will remember a few years back I climbed El Cap with my mate Steve Bate, a Kiwi who is registered blind.  We climbed Zodiac with one bivy 2 pitches from the to (video here), and then..... READ

29 May 2015

Breakfast on my shoe

The plane buckles in the sky and drops through dead space to splash down on cloud with a big dipper lurch.  I’m going to die. There is vomit on my left shoe. I’m racing above the alps -..... READ

20 May 2015

Twinned with your darkest thoughts

The other night me and Ella jumped into the car and drove East; away from the burden of school;  away from the long train of stressful GCSE exams passing slowly through her life; East - to the..... READ