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Andy Kirkpatrick

31 December 2008

Eiger limestone

Eiger limestone image

Had a terrible night - probably due to being knackered. Kept waking up with a song in my head (common stress tick). And the usual wanting to piss (now my cups broken I dont have a pot to piss in. Worst off all the anchor i’d secured the bivy tent to kept ripping - plus I has the Zip of stones coming down all night (it does seem very warm).

Snow was forcast today so I led the first three pitches and left my ropes fixed and Zoomed back to my bivy.

The climbing wasn’t too hard but pretty protectionless. Thank god there’s just anough ice to stitch it all together.

Not really used to climbing on limestone but it’s pretty rough (well compared to stoney!) but you need a big rack in order to get some

I think it’s about to snow. Time for a brew before I look for some better bivy anchors.


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