18 March 2013

Eiger Russian Route attempt

Short video about our attempt at the Russian route on the Eiger North face this winter - the most direct route, and also perhaps the hardest (although I havn’t done any others so unsure if that’s true).  Climbed with two complete strangers, who I’d never met until the day before we left; Ross Kane (brother of Aldo Kane, who climbed El Cap with me and Ella last year) and Neil Chelton, who although an experienced big wall , had never done a winter route before (Neil emailed me a long time ago to tell me he’d been inspired to solo El Cap after reading Psychovertical).

We climbed 20 pitches of the 52 pitch route (primarily all the easy climbing below the 1st band).  Neil tried leading the cruclimberx A5 pitch (compact limestone) and couldn’t find a way to climb the last five metres to the belay.  The temperature had also increased through out the last two days (much rock fall) so we decided to rap the route.

Music: Too Afraid to Love by the Black Keys


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