09 March 2017

In reply to UKC News:

In reply to UKC News: image

In reply to UKC News: 

I may well be in the smallest minority to say this, but an alien view of this situation with Bears Ears National Monument (I’ll call it an alien view so as to distance myself from what the mob may think of me for saying it) would be that Obama’s proclamation was nothing but a landmine for the incoming President (as was Dakota pipeline being stopped), as well as the State, and this cynical move has made decades of hard work by many sides utterly toxic and utterly counterproductive. As ever good people are allowing themselves to be utterly manipulated by leaders who only have contempt for them, exploit their weakness in this, that weakness being that they are good people (Fascism exploits the bad, but this form of neofascism leverage is what makes us civilised). Worst of all, free people have become intimidated to side with the bad against the worst. Leadership is not doing the easy thing, but the hard, and real change is made by everyone building a tent, then getting inside it together, and after some small fisty cuffs making changes that are agreed on by the majority. This whole situation is beyond disturbing to me, in that intelligent people have lost (or have been intimidated) into losing all their faculties to think clearly, but only react like trained monkeys, even Patagonia. People made ‘friends with band’, fell under the spell of a system that was corrupt and murderous, and in doing so have sacrificed their ability to challenge real power. It seems now the most dangerous form of revolution is to write shit like this and sound like a total asshole (but so be it).


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