“Gut-wrenching, entertaining and challenging" - The Guardian
I've been writing articles about trips, techniques and gear for quite a while now, for magazines such as Climb, Climbing, Climber (mmm - that sounds like I've got a stutter) and Alpinist, along with long dead mags like One the Edge and High.

I loved making a living as a journo - even though I can't spell and have no clue about proper grammar, or English like (my daughter is old enough now that I can ask her what an adverb is), and miss having the hit a deadline and the stamp money you got in return for your labour.

Unfortunately once you bang out a book I guess editors think you're a bit up yourself and stop calling (they used to call a lot - but primerly asking "did you know the deadline was yesterday!").

Anyway here's a repository/dump for much of that work, and I hope you enjoy it (please ignore the spelling mistakes!).

You can look at a list of available articles and stories via these links

Gear Technique Stories